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Octopus in the Room
[2023, multimedia installation]

Octopus in the room is a multimedia documentary installation, exploring the spatiality of fear through a sequence of interviews made with 6 female and non-binary participants, letting the audience enter their symbolic headspace to discover the emotional spaces of the interviewees.

A sequence of illustrations depicts the symbolic inner landscape of the participants which are installed, along with 100+ tiny ear-face sculptures.

The project is dedicated to the exploration of spatial storytelling, handling the installed visual elements as characters within a story and using the physical exhibition space as the environment of the story itself. While the projected animation operates with the fusion of still and moving images in the mediated sense, the rest of the installation plays with the idea of creating 'moving images' in the sculptural sense, by making the installed still images and sculptures physically circulable and mobile.


artworks, music, sound design, curation - Adél Szegedi
supervisor - Peter Dukes 

Made as my BA graduation project at the University of Westminster in 2023


Gallery West (London)
Ambika P3 (London)
Liget Gallery (Budapest)

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