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[2021, short film, '1.45]

Meandering between dreamscapes, nightmares, childhood memories and their adult interpretations, the film brings a poem to life which revolves around the constantly transforming micro- and macro worlds of existence.


written, directed, animated - Adél Szegedi
sound design - Balázs Altsach
narration - Lili Vetlényi


Festival Awards


Argo Short Film Competition 2021 - Best Editing Award & Public Choice Award

Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival 2021 - Special mention

12th MikroFAF Limbo Edition 2021 - Best International DIY Film

Abbey Film Festival 2022 - Honorable mention

AniMate Australian Animation Film Festival 2022 - Semi-Finalist

Canlandıranlar Animation Film Festival 2022 - Finalist

Film Junction Film Festival 2022 - Best Experimental Film 

Florida Animation Festival 2022 - First Place in Frame-by-Frame Category

Primanima 2022 - Best Student Film

Student World Impact Film Festival 2022 - Honorable mention


Festival Selections:


Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2021

5th Festival of Animation Berlin (FAB) 2021

Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival 2021

Bucheon International Animation Festival 2021

Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival 2021

CineYouth Film Festival 2021

The INDIs Film Festival 2021

Argo Short FIlm Competition 2021

Insomnia Animation Festival 2021

Abbey Film Festival 2021

T-Short Animated film Online Festival 2021

The Lift-Off Sessions 2021

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2021

Art All Night International Film Festival 2021

15. Kecskeméti Animációs Filmfesztivál 2021

Busho Film Festival  2021

7th Siding Festival of Film 2021

Craft International Animation Festival 2021

The Animattikon project 2021

13th International Inter-University Short Film Festival 2021

Animateka International Animated Film Festival 2021

17th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2021

Mobile Animation Film Festival 2021

4:3 International Short Film Festival 2021

Early Bird International Student Film Festival 2021

TIAF - Tbilisi International Animation Festival 2021

DISACCORDI - International Short Film Festival  2021

Festival International de Cine Austral 2021 

12th MikroFAF Limbo Edition


24. Faludi Nemzetközi Filmszemle és Fotópályázat 2021


Animatricks International Animation Festival 2022

Festival RNAB 2022

15th National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2022

Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival 2022

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Films 2022

G L A S Animation Festival 2022 

Fest Anča International Animation Film Festival 2022 

13th Anibar Animation Festival 2022

22. IFF Sopot Film Festival 2022

Film Junction Film Festival 2022

Flipbook Film Festival 2022

Bolton Film Festival 2022

Student World Impact Film Festival 2022

Primanima 2022

Canlandıranlar Animation Film Festival 2022

Novemberfestivalen 2022


[2022, short film, '3.00]


The experimental animation film discovers the transformative rhythm of life: the sequence of images was based on a poem written by Sándor Weöres, reinterpreting and reflecting on a text in an associative way. 

'EGO' was created at the 10th Primanima International Film Festival's Jumpstart Workshop, in 2022.

produced - Annabella Schnabel, Zoé Nagy, Adél Szegedi


Lost at Sea
[2023, short documentary]

Lost at Sea

A Rohingya man is stranded in the Andaman Sea, on a fishing boat loaded with men, women and children fleeing for their lives. He is haunted by the song his mother sang him, and searches his memory for the reasons that led him to flee in the first place. 


Director - Andrés Bartos Amory, Lucija Stojevic

Writer - Andrés Bartos Amory, Lucija Stojevic

Animation director - Richard Swarbrick/Presence

Animation supervisor - Daniel Fleet

Animators - Tash Dupker, Will Howells, Ollie Magee, Megan Yaxley, Adél Szegedi

Trailer edited by Presence
Music by Ben Chatwin
Mother's Song Sung by Thida Shania
Mtoher's Song Written & Translated to Rohingya by Mayyu Ali
Sound design, recording and mix by Diego Pedragosa
Title Design by Miko Studio

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